Why SEO is important for your business ?

Why SEO is important for your business ?

For this to understand :- Why SEO is so important and necessary for you business. First we need to understand - What is SEO and how it works , how it will help to promote your business and makes you wealthy.

SEO stands for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. It will help you to get organic and natural traffic on your website. In this way the ranking of your website or page will increase and this will increase the visibility of your business on the web my menas of SEO.

It mainly depends upon the SEARCH algorithm:

SEARCH Algorithms further depends upon various factors like:

  1. Word Matters
  2. Titles Matter
  3. Link Matter
  4. Words in Links
  5. Reputation

It depends on all above factors. How you can optimize all these things in your page or website to make it more searchable and favorite in the web world.

Word Matters:- It means the words those you have used in your webpages.Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. scans your entire pages word by words.

Title Matters:- It means the title of your webpage. Search engines also scans this to give you best result as per query on the search engine.

Link Matters:- It also check for the link that you have mentioned in your web pages.

Words in Links:- It also check for the hyperlinks mentioned in your webpages , words with links when you click on the words that will route you to another page.

Reputation:-Search engines also takes care about reputation of the websites and web pages, sites or pages with fresh and more engaging contents will be up the ranking.

However this is very brief for SEO, but i hope now you have a basic ides about SEO and how it works. I think it seems little complicated to you. Its not necessary that every person would be technical to do the SEOs kind of things for his/her business.

Don't worry about this , there are many tools and service providers in the market that can helps you to promote your business and do SEO for you in just minimal cost. Here below is the one of the SEO service provider.

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